Why Travel to Gulmarg-Pahalgam India 

Why Travel to Gulmarg-Pahalgam India 

Why Travel to Gulmarg-Pahalgam India,
Gulmarg-Pahalgam has always been a holiday destination for many people from around the globe. It has been the best destination for skiing once you land in India. It’s an important tourist attraction area in Kashmir. This beautiful city offers plentiful opportunities for travelers to connect with nature enjoy Indian culture as well as have a peace of mind.

Generally, it has been a destination for all since it has something to offer to everyone who travels there. There are various things that have made this area  remain the top destination for tourists in India.

• Skiing
Skiing is very popular in Gulmarg-Pahalgam. It’s something which everyone who travels to Gulmarg likes to learn. Gulmarg’s smart slpoes make it the best place to learn skiing in India. For the beginners, there are slopes set aside with instructors to guide them. For experts, there are smooth and steep skiing slopes thus making the place ideal for everyone who is interested in Skiing in India.

• Riding on Gulmarg-Gondola
Another reason to travel to this city is enjoying a gondola ride. It’s well known as the second largest cable car in the world. Everyone who comes in this city has to enjoy this cable hitch rides up 2600m height in the first phase which is at Kongdori. While during the second phase of the ride, the visitors are taken up to a 3747m elevation that is situated at Aparwath peak. Here visitors experience a very clear sky view.

• Spending day at Alpather-Lake
Alpather Lake is one of the best places to spend a day in Gulmarg. It has a beautiful scene where everyone can enjoy being. During May and June months, several ice chunks floating on the water can be seen thus making many tourists enjoy visiting this place. Those who visit the place really enjoy the best trekking experience ever, as well as the best pony ride.

• Exploration of Gulmarg-Biosphere Reserve
This biosphere reserve is another big reason that makes people visit this city. The reserve is rich of flora as well as fauna. There are many wildlife animals that live in this place. Also in the reserve, there are hundreds of birds found there, making it a best destination for bird watchers.

• Visit Khilanmarg
It’s the populous sightseeing place just next to Gulmarg. It has plenty of beautiful valleys that tourists enjoy visiting. It has plenty of flowers during the summer period. At this place, the visitor can easily trek as well as enjoy the Nanga Parbat view and the peaks of Kun and Nun

The above-discussed sites are the core reasons why many tourists like flocking to this city. It has various things to do such as skiing, Gondola riding as well as exploring biosphere reserve just to name few.
It’s an amazing place which is liked by everyone both locals and who lands in India for tourism.

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