4 reasons why you should visit Lisbon

4 reasons why you should visit Lisbon

The world is full of exciting and wonderful destinations to visit, and Lisbon is definitely a great city that should be on the bucket list of everyone. It offers everything for a travel lover, from museums and galleries to the charming villages and seaside. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why visit Lisbon is a good choice for everyone.

1. Mediterranean culture

Although Lisbon is located along the Atlantic Ocean, this city does reflect many distinctive features of Mediterranean culture. Just like other areas in Italy, Greece, Spain, and France, the Lisbon is devoted to healthy living, fresh food, and quality time with your friends. The locals enjoy spending their weekends sitting at a coffee shop while chatting with friends or swimming on the beach. As a socially-oriented metropolitan, Lisbon always gives many opportunities for shopping, dancing, music, and other events.

2. Fresh yet affordable seafood

In Lisbon, it is possible to have a delicious meal without spending a lot of money if you know the exact location. Even within several areas that work as tourist traps, the price tags are still much more affordable compared to other countries in Europe. Sea bream, sardines, and salt cod are some traditional dishes that you can see in many restaurants around the city. And with less than €10, you can have sumptuous dishes with your family.

3. Unique infrastructure

Hillsides covered by old houses and a combination of neoclassical and baroque buildings, palace, and cathedrals, make up the skyline of Lisbon. In other words, this city is a mix of tradition and modernity, with great historical ruins and landmarks constructed near modern buildings. Also, you can see distinctive azulejo titles covering many sites, a unique style that is rarely found outside the country.

4. Ideal for newbie travelers

Traveling could be exciting and exhilarating but also challenging for those people with less experience. So if you are not accustomed to navigating fast-paced downtowns, Lisbon is an ideal choice to start your journey. It is well designed with an extensive system of public transportation so that you can easily move around without going astray.

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